The reason why Cambodia can get many gold medals in 2023 SEA Games, Indonesia is far behind

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – The surprise came at the SEA Games 2023, where Cambodia currently occupies the top three in the overall standings for medals, far ahead of Indonesia, until Wednesday (5/10/2023) at 00:00 WIB.

Host Cambodia has so far collected a total of 117 medals, with details of 29 gold, 39 silver and 39 bronze medals.

Cambodia’s medal tally was surpassed by Thailand and Vietnam on Tuesday. While the previous day Cambodia led the first position in the overall medal standings.

Indonesia has not been able to top what Cambodia achieved at the 2023 SEA Games. The Red and White Team contingent currently collects a total of 99 medals, detailing which is 25 gold, 22 silver and 52 bronze.

Indeed, during the period that Indonesia has appeared in the SEA Games since 1977, the medals of the red and white contingent have always been better than those of Cambodia.

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Cambodia’s best results at the SEA Games were in 1971 and 1973, which seven countries participated in and Indonesia did not participate. Over the two editions, Cambodia finished fifth in the overall medal standings.

However, after Indonesia has participated since 1977, Indonesia has always been better than Cambodia. 10 times the overall champion, under Thailand who won 13 times.

So what made Cambodia beat Indonesia at the 2023 SEA Games?

The gold medal won by Cambodia was dominated by a new sport that was contested, namely Kun Bokator.

As known, Cambodia will host the SEA 2023 Games this time. The host has the right to add several new sports to compete in to the games of these ASEAN countries.

Cambodia has also added Kun Bokator as one of the sports in martial arts along with Arnis, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Muay and Vovinam.

Cambodia’s efforts to add Kun Bokator can be considered quite successful. This is because most of the gold medals achieved came from new sports that were contested at the SEA Games.

Since Kun Bokator, Cambodia has successfully won eight gold, seven silver and three bronze medals in various events that have been contested.

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Of note, Kun Bokator is a traditional martial arts sport originating in Cambodia. This martial art is believed to have existed for thousands of years in Cambodia.

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