The story of DJ Verra V Extreme Culinary Hunt, from scorpion chips to preserved duck embryos

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Willem Jonata

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – DJ Verra V has a hobby of travelling.

He has a habit of extreme culinary hunting.

When he was having trouble working in Thailand, DJ Verra V once ate goong ten, which is live prawns prepared from salad ingredients using lemon juice.

It had also tasted like fried bugs, fried bugs like potato chips. The material can be caterpillars, worms, bees, beetles or scorpions.

“Another kai yiew ma, is a duck egg containing a preserved duck embryo,” DJ Verra V told the media crew.

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He was always curious about the unusual food menu and wanted to taste it. Although certainly not according to taste.

On social media, many praise her beauty. It is also considered to have bodily goals.

“Thank you for my loyal followers. Yes, I think that taking care of your face and body is very important to me as a public figure. Also, my work must be supported by looks and fashion as well. I also take some time for treatment, skincare use, exercise, and maintaining a diet,” she continued.

For your information, the name Dj Verra V is no stranger to electronic dance music (EDM), bass house and hard dance lovers in Indonesia.

He is also one of the Indonesian DJs who has an international reputation. He has appeared in numerous countries, namely Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia.

His name is included in Djanemag Asia Top 100 list at number 51. Then he entered Indonesia Djanemag Top 100 list at 12th place.

Owner full name Verra Indah Purnama Sari is also listed in DjaneMag SEA TOP 100 Female DJs at 72nd place.

Throughout his career, DJ Verra V has collaborated with a number of famous DJs.

“I had a stage with DJ Dacandy from UK, December 2019 in Bandung. I performed with DJ Peipei from Taiwan, August 2018 at Empirica. Together with DJ Irwan from Netherlands, July 2019,” he recalled .

Verra announced that he is currently busy making mashup songs.

“Wait for the surprise,” he said

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