The uniqueness of Sade Village in downtown Lombok

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The uniqueness of the Sade Tourism VillageAre you bored with the busy city life? It’s better to take a vacation in fantastic tourist destinations, come on! Mister has a great recommendation for you: Sade Village in downtown Lombok. This village is the original village of the Sasak tribe, and if you take a walk here, you will learn a lot about the life, customs, culture, arts and other typical things of the village people with their local wisdom. So you can have a holiday while adding information. This village is growing in popularity because it has become a tourist destination for visitors who are going to watch the Mandalika MotoGP 2022. Actually, what is special about Sade Village?

The floor of the house is smeared with buffalo dung

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Oh? Can’t you smell it? Of course, not every time the floors in this village house are dirty, yes, but only occasionally. The purpose of residents covering the floor with dirt is to keep the floor clean from dust, strengthen the floor and prevent insects from entering the house. Wow, you can try this at home!

Anti-seismic house

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Even though most of the houses in Sade village have walls made of woven bamboo, roofs made of dried reeds, and floors made of a mixture of clay and rice husks, these houses are earthquake resistant! After the earthquake shook Lombok some time ago, the houses in this village are still standing solid.

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Kidnapping traditions

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This tradition is usually called Merariq. Starting with the bride-to-be kidnapping by the groom-to-be, unbeknownst to the bride-to-be’s parents. After successfully kidnapping the bride-to-be, the man must immediately inform the woman’s family that her baby has been kidnapped and this is known to all the villagers. Then we continue with a series of traditional wedding rituals typical of the Sasak tribe. However, before starting to be kidnapped, the bride-to-be must be skilled in weaving a tie called seseq.

Before marriage, he must be able to weave

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Being able to weave is the main requirement for marrying a Sasak woman. Every house has its own loom and a mother must be able to teach her daughter to weave from an early age.

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Tree of love

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Always linked to the tradition of marriage in the Sade Village, it would be less fun if we didn’t talk about the Tree of Love. This tree is a dry tree found in the middle of the village. So what’s so special about it? This tree turned out to be a witness to the love of the Sade village youth during the “raptured wedding”, and it was in this tree meeting point future spouses.

There are many other unique things you can find in Sade Village. Following West Nusa Tenggara Tour In this one, you will learn more about the Sasak tribe and Sade village. Apart from this, you will also be invited to visit other interesting places in West Nusa Tenggara such as Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan, Seger Beach and Hill and others.

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