The video of Bagnaia’s clash with Vinales at the French MotoGP 2023, starting with the Top Gun Keplak helm

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Video of Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati Lenovo Team) arguing with Aprilia rider Maverick Vinales in the fifth MotoGP 2023 series at Le Mans circuit, France on Sunday (14/5/2023).

The French MotoGP 2023 race has turned into a nightmare for Francesco Bagnaia and Maverick Vinales.

Not only did they fail to touch the finish line, but these two riders were also embroiled in friction after suffering a crash last night at the 2023 French MotoGP.

Maverick Vinales and Francesco Bagnaia were involved in a rear-end collision, lying on the gravel which ended up pushing each other until they nearly collided.

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Bagnaia started the French MotoGP race from first place, aka pole sitter. Meanwhile, Mavercik Vinales started sixth.

Disaster struck for both when the race had been run for five laps.

From the video circulating on social media, Maverick Vinales took third place ahead of Francesco Bagnaia. It happened over and over again between the two.

Bagnaia enters from the outside and his bike slightly bumps Vinales’ bike.

Vinales’ bike immediately became unstable, he was unable to control it and in the end he crashed and crashed into Bagnaia. The two were dragged through the gravel!

Both are immediately hot. Maverick Vinales got up first and was seen muttering in the face of Francesco Bagnaia, who was still crashing.

We saw Vinales’ hands slapping Bagnaia’s hands and continuing towards his head. Bagnaia woke up, giving him an elbow in return

Marshalls tried to calm down. But in the end the two took a ride with the three of them (together with the marshal who was on a motorbike) to return to their respective paddocks.

Until now it is unknown who was found guilty of the incident.

The FIM Stewards have not made a useless decision between Bagnaia or Vinales who will be given a penalty.

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