These five candidates have the potential to serve as RI BPK president

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Reza Deni

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The selection of candidates for members of the Supreme Control Agency (BPK RI) for the three-year period 2023-2028 will soon enter the honourability test phase at Commission XI DPR RI.

Based on the information gathered, a fit and proper test will be conducted this week.

Previously, 14 candidates had sat the fit and proper test at Committee IV of the Council of Regional Representatives (DPD RI).

The deputy chairman of the IV Committee, Sukiryanto, reported that the fit and proper test of potential BPK members was carried out on April 11-12, 2023.

“13 out of 14 candidates who met the administrative qualifications participated in this activity. Of the 14 candidates, 12 candidates for BPK RI members took the test of physical fitness and fairness and 1 person participated virtually and 1 person did not took part because he resigned,” the West Kalimantan senator said, quoted on Monday (22/5/2023 )).

DPD RI as authorized by the 1945 Constitution Article 23F paragraph (1) which provides that the members of BPK RI are elected by DPD RI taking into account the considerations of DPD RI and appointed by the President.

In addition to the Constitution of 1945, the law n. 13 of 2019 concerning the third amendment to law no.

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“Based on the constitutional mandate and these laws and regulations, the RI DPD went through the process of preparing considerations for 14 candidates for RI BPK membership,” said Sukiryanto.

In accordance with the results of the fit and proper test carried out by the DPD RI IV Committee, five names were obtained and received the maximum score based on the evaluation of the members of the DPD RI IV Committee.

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The five are Slamet Edy Purnomo, Laode Nusriadi, Tornanda Syaifullah, Imam Nashirudin and Dewi Yustisiana.

Below is a brief profile of the five potential candidates recommended by the RI DPD to the RI DPR:

1. Slamet Eddy Purnomo

Slamet Eddy previously worked in Bank Indonesia. Slamet Eddy is currently Deputy Commissioner for Private Banking Supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK)

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