Timeline of Teachers Killed Until His Body Was Thrown into Bengawan Solo River, as of Online Loans

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AMPONTOONS.COM, KARANGANYAR – Police finally unveiled the mystery behind the discovery of a man’s body in Bengawan Solo River, Kemiri Village area, Kebakkramat District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java on Thursday (4/5/2023).

The victim is known to be named Joko Siswoyo, an MI teacher in Ngresep Village Area, Ngemplak District, Boyolali Regency.

The victim was killed by three perpetrators, then her body was thrown into the Bengawan Solo River.

Of the three perpetrators, two were arrested by the police.

The first culprit arrested was named Gilang Adi Pratama (26), a resident of Jati village, Jaten district, Karanganyar regency.

The second culprit arrested by the police was Agung Nugroho (20 years old), from Jagalan Village, Jebres District, Surakarta City.

Meanwhile, a perpetrator with the initials G is either on the People’s Wanted List (DPO) or on the run.

Karanganyar Police Chief, AKBP Jerrold Hendra Yosef Kumontoy revealed the start of the killing.

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Suspect Agung Nugroho initially made an agreement with the victim to borrow online or borrow using the victim’s name.

Agung also borrowed 6 million rupees and after some time the interest-bearing loan became 13 million rupees.

The money was used by Agung to pay off commercial capital debt.

Agung admitted that he tried to repay his debt to the victim, but only Rp. 500,000.

Agung’s intention to kill the victim’s life came about because he didn’t accept and was hurt by the victim’s name mentioned in the relevant WhatsApp status.

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Then, Agung promised to return the victim’s money by asking the victim to come to his house on Tuesday (2/5/2023) around 8.30pm WIB.

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