Top 10 Noodle Dishes From Around the World!

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Noodles are found in many different cuisines around the world. Whether stir-fried, drizzled with salsa, or served in a rich broth, noodles are a beloved comfort food in many cultures. But how many of these have you actually tried? Pasta and 2-minute noodles may not be your only options for pasta dishes. We take you around the world and introduce you to the best noodle dishes that are worth putting the glove on!

Ramen – Japan

Japanese ramen soup with chicken, egg, chives and sprouts

Don’t roll your eyes. I know I’ve been talking about Ramen for quite some time now. But these are the REAL DEAL. Ramen is not just a noodle dish in Japan; it’s a way of life! When ladles of boiling broth meet perfectly cooked silky noodles, the real magic happens! With different bases and even local variations, Ramen has dominated hearts around the world. So don’t forget to try this iconic Japanese noodle dish on your next trip to Japan!

Japchae – Korea

This classic Korean noodle dish is typically served as a side dish and consists of clear sweet potato noodles (dangmyeon). These noodles are first seasoned with sesame oil, sesame seeds, a little sugar and soy sauce; it is then stir-fried with loads of greens. This sweet and savory dish can be eaten hot or cold especially during the festive season.

Laksa-Malaysia, Singapore

Curry Laksa, a popular traditional spicy noodle soup from Malaysian culture.

Though known to be the unofficial national dish of Malaysia, laksa is also a staple in Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisines. It features thick vermicelli rice noodles in a spicy, tangy and creamy coconut or tamarind based broth and topped with bean sprouts and seafood (ground dried shrimp or prawns).

Udon – Japan

Udon noodle soup with pork belly in bowls

Thicker and denser than any other type of Japanese noodle, Udon are stir-fried with butter and soy sauce and topped with chopped shallots, chopped nori, and bonito flakes. This simple yet flavorful dish is also served in hot and cold dishes.

Mie Goreng – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

This Indonesian classic is also a very popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. It is traditionally made with thin egg noodles that have a chewy texture, which is stir-fried with garlic, onion, bok choy, egg, tomatoes, and a choice of protein. The most popular version of this big bowl of comfort is spicy, tangy and a little sweet and cooked with chicken or shrimp. Top it with a fried egg and you’ll be in heaven.

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Hailed as the Hawaiian version of ramen, Saimin represents Hawaii’s blend of cultures: Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, and Polynesian. The dish features soft wheat egg noodles, cooked in a clear broth, green onions and topped with bok choy, mushrooms, ginger and, of course, slices of spam.

Taglarin Verdes – Peru

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Tallarines Verdes (“green spaghetti”) add a twist to traditional pesto. It’s made with your favorite pasta and a sauce of basil and spinach pureed with evaporated milk, which makes it creamier and a little sweet. This Peruvian green pasta is often served typical Peruvian style with meat and potatoes.


A hot, steaming, flavorful bowl of Pho symbolizes Vietnam and is a must-have if you ever visit the country! The dish is made with beef or chicken broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, and a host of spices including ginger, star anise, and coriander seeds. The best part is the garnish: Make your meal by garnishing your Pho with fish sauce, hoisin sauce, Thai basil, cilantro, mint, scallions, chiles, bean sprouts, fresh lime, and rare beef.

Bibim Guksu – Korea

This cold noodle dish is another famous noodle dish from Korea. Thin wheat noodles (called somyeon) are boiled in water and then immediately rinsed in cold water. The noodles are then mixed with gochujang (chili paste), garlic, vinegar, sugar and is typically garnished with sliced ​​cucumbers, a boiled egg and sesame oil. This bowl of spicy, sweet and sour flavors is especially popular in the summer months.

Pad Thai – Thailand

Known to be Thailand’s most famous noodle dish, Pad Thai usually consists of stir-fried rice noodles, egg, tofu, tamarind pulp, fish sauce, palm sugar, dried shrimp, garlic, scallions, and prawns or chicken. This quintessential Thai street food is garnished with peanuts, lime juice and red pepper flakes for seasoning. Simple paradise!

So take a trip around the world with these international noodle dishes and let us know your experiences below!

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