Tribunnews Law Glasses Talkshow May 22, 2023: Divorce between artists

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Celebrity divorce cases in the country have been in the spotlight lately.

It doesn’t just happen among celebrities, divorce is increasingly common in Indonesian society as well.

Among the artists themselves, which attracted public attention, namely the divorce of the celebrity couple Desta and Natasha Rizky.

Earlier, the public was shocked by the news of the famous singer Virgoun’s alleged affair.

The former lead singer of the band Last Child has actually decided to file for divorce from his wife, Inara Rusli.

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In his lawsuit, it is known that Virgoun has also filed for custody of the child.

Not only was a divorce suit filed, but Virgoun was said to want to report the alleged affair to the police.

They claim there is a criminal element to the allegations.

However, Virgoun did not mention who the legal subjects would be reported to.

So how does the legal perspective view this case?

Listen on the talk show schedule Law glasses AMPONTOONS.COM ‘Divorce Among Artists’ airs this afternoon, Monday (22/5/2023) at 3pm WIB.

This time the topic will be discussed further with Peradi Central Java Regional Coordinator Resource, Badrus Zaman, SH, MH.


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