UTBK-SNBT 2023 material grid, complete with number of questions and duration

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Below is the material for the National Selection Test-Based Computer Writing Exam (UTBK SNBT), complete with the number of questions and their duration.

Quoting from the site SNMP extensionthere are 3 materials UTBK-SNBT 2023.

The three UTBK-SNBT 2023 materials include the Academic Potential Test (TPS), Indonesian and English Literacy, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Next, students are asked to work on 155 UTBK-SNBT 2023 questions lasting 195 minutes.

Material grid 2023 UTBK-SNBT

1. Academic Potential Test (TPS)

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Quoted from framework-snpmb.bppp.kemdikbud.go.idTPS is a test designed to test the thinking skills of school students as prospective new students.

The TPS consists of General Reasoning, Reading and Written Comprehension, General Knowledge and Comprehension, and Quantitative Knowledge.

– General reasoning skills

The general reasoning skills material consists of inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

Each of the three components consists of 10 questions lasting 10 minutes, so a total of 30 questions and 30 minutes.

– General knowledge and understanding

In this material, it consists of 20 questions with a duration of 15 minutes.

– Ability to understand reading and writing

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