Viral Women in Bandung Record Indecent Scenes in a Tea Garden, Perpetrator Arrested by Police

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Report by Tribun Jabar reporter Lutfi Ahmad Mauludin

TRIBUNNEWS.IT – A viral video circulating of a woman wearing a veil committing an indecent act in Rancabali, Bandung Regency, West Java.

The woman was recorded urinating in the tourist area.

Residents who knew about the incident were furious and reported the incident to the police.

Bandung Police Chief Kombes Kusworo Wibowo confirmed the veiled actress, whose viral video had been secured.

“We ensured that,” Kusworo said, when contacted via text message on Sunday (5/21/2023).

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However, Kusworo did not explain the veiled woman’s motive, for how long and where the woman was arrested.

“Tomorrow Monday the press conference,” said Kusworo.

It was previously reported, since around May 3 there was a lewd viral video allegedly made in Rancabali

Kusworo claimed that the woman wearing the veil had committed an indecent act and was filmed, allegedly at Ciwidey Rancabali TKP.

“But when it touches the video maker, of course we will check the position.

While we were checking the manual, we arrived at the location, confirming that the location of the video was a location in Bandung regency, Rancabali district to be precise,” said Kusworo, at the Bandung Police Headquarters on Friday ( 5/5/2023).

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At the time, Kusworo admitted that his team had looked into several people who helped spread the video, and that he would continue to be traced until the creator, now finally Bandung police, managed to apprehend the perpetrators. .

Rancabali District Chief Asep M Yusup also strongly criticized the perpetrators of this indecent act.

“It’s crazy, crazy, well, the urination period was filmed,” Asep said, when contacted by the West Java Tribune on Friday (5/5/2023).

Asep revealed that his party had instructed the head of Satpol PP and Linmas to be more careful to stand guard in deserted places, fearing such a thing to happen again.

Because indeed in Rancabali, there are many places to go out and take photos besides the tourist places, such as tea plantations and others.

“For anticipation, I have already said, I have instructed Satpol PP and Linmas to continue patrolling the places which are often used as photo spots by tourists,” he said.

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