When Senior Attorney Halomoan Sianturi talks about the spirit of life: Life begins at 40

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – “Life begins at 40”, life begins at 40.

Such could be the life principle of Halomoan Sianturi SH MH, so that when he turns 63 on Monday (15/5/2023), this senior advocate feels like he is still 23, so he remains enthusiastic and energetic in carrying out all his activity.

Psychologists say that the term “life begins at 40” is actually often used as a form of support or encouragement for people who have entered the “head 4” age.

But on the other hand, this expression also illustrates that a person at the age of 40 has entered a stable and mature stage, both emotionally and financially.

Emotionally, Halomoan, who is currently chairman of the South Jakarta Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) Branch Leadership Council (DPC) for the second term, is very stable and mature.

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His demeanor and manner of speech are calm, measured, polite and non-explosive, so it is no surprise that he has achieved much success in carrying out his profession as a lawyer.

“Lawyer is a noble profession, so it must be done in a noble way,” he said in Jakarta on Monday (15/5/2023).

He then quoted the expression “officium nobile” which means that the lawyer is an honorable profession.

His emotional maturity translates into financial maturity. Because the success of a lawyer’s work certainly brings a lot of income.

In addition to the contract money, there is also a “success fee” which is greater than the value of the contract, of course, when he wins a case.

Unsurprisingly, with its financial maturity, it’s not uncommon for Halomoan to appear sleek, stylish, and a little flashy.

“This is to persuade clients and various other parties when lawyers operate professionally both in and out of court,” said this “low profile” man.

As a result, the lawyer’s office “Halomoan Sianturi Law Firm” is also located in the elite area of ​​Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.

However, he also doesn’t want to be left behind performing probono aka unpaid practice in client advocacy, so he is also active in the Law Enforcement and Justice Attorneys Team (TAMPAK), for example, as well as being active in the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Criminalization Coalition.

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