White radish and Bandung Soto, easy way to cook

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Freshly harvested white radish

Soto Bandung – I really like going to the plantations. Additionally, the garden contains plants that are often consumed. It’s like going to a garden of white radishes white radish) in Bogor. Picnics like this are full of inspiration, increase knowledge about vegetables. Then find out how they grow from seed to harvest. The same goes for daily maintenance. Whether using pesticides to repel pests or organic garden systems.

So you understand more why organic products are relatively more expensive than conventional ones. Because yes, maintenance is really difficult. It takes extra effort and energy.

White radish in English is called Rapa. The presence of this vegetable is seen a lot in supermarkets. There are also vegetable vendors, but rarely. Perhaps because they are less popular than carrots, so much so that the gardener rarely brings them unless ordered in advance.

Although white radish has many health benefits. Starting from lowering uric acid levels, overcoming stomach acid to treating the kidneys. Don’t forget that white radish is also high in fiber and contains vitamins. Great for digestion.

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White radish is cooked what? How to cook Soto Bandung

White radish cooked what? A definitive answer is Soto Bandung! Or it can also be used as a blend for other soups. Have you ever tried White Radish Chicken Soup? Wow, that’s delicious too!

There’s a reason no one knows why I cook Soto Bandung so often. The reason, of course, is this lazy person who goes to the kitchen. Now how to cook Soto Bandung is easy, friends!

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How to cook my version of Soto Bandung


  • 1/4 minced meat
  • 2 stalks white radish, diced
  • 2 bruised galangal knuckles
  • 2 sticks of lemongrass
  • 1 teaspoon ground pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of fried onions
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 stalks of celery. iris

How to do

  1. Boil the meat until tender. Diced. Separate the broth.
  2. Heat the broth.
  3. Add the meat and carrots one after the other. She waits for the radish to soften for a while.
  4. Add the galangal, citronella, lemon grass, bay leaves and ground pepper.
  5. To lift. Serve sprinkled with celery leaves and fried onions.

It’s easy, right?

That’s why radish or turnip in English is quite familiar in my family. At least once a month definitely buy on the market. Also we really like soto bandung, this dish can be enjoyed anytime.

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Another reason, I can find excuses not to cook vegetables anymore. It is complete. There are meat and radishes that serve as vegetables.

I have never been disappointed with Soto Bandung

I have never been disappointed with Soto Bandung

But my history with radish and soto bandung hasn’t always been smooth. I was disappointed with this food which probably originated in China. Too bad about the accuracy.

Because I was so sure I could serve delicious soup, at a social gathering, my environment offered to make it. To be used as a support to the monthly environmental collection menu.

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I don’t know why the soup I made that day wasn’t delicious. Even if the ingredients and cooking methods are the same. Unusually flavorful and there was a hint of sweetness from the horseradish flavour.

That day it just escaped on the tongue. He seems neither right nor left. My friends still praise him when he’s delicious. But I’m not too stupid to take it as a courtesy.

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So since then I dare not do it carelessly menu offered to the public. Even if you have to, be very careful.

But if I remember correctly, I made the soup which was so embarrassing, I rashly made it. Presumably as the portion increases, I add more or more dressing. I’m too fixated on the old mentality. But yes, the rice has become porridge. I learned a lesson that cooking also has to change the mindset 🙂

White radish in Lorong Kenangan

In addition to soto bandung, there are traces of other white radishes in my memory. It comes from a time when I was still crazy to read Kho Ping Hoo silat stories. Forgetting which series, the warrior really likes to eat rice porridge with radish.

Once at breakfast he said that a human heart should be as white as a turnip. White hearts are not easy to get into black magic, she said.

If you have a history with white radish and soto bandung, friends?


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