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I did this home business and 5 benefits that can make you cry in February 2022, when the world was still hit by a pandemic. When the 3rd wave of Covid with its omicron brought cities back into lockdown.

For me, working from home has been around for a long time, long before the pandemic hit the very foundations of our lives. Thought I’d write this when I just woke up from a nap, sipping a cup of palm sugar latte coffee and enjoying Ebiet G Ade’s vocals (very old school, right? :)). Looking out at the drizzle. Opening a readable gadget, a netizen expressed his frustration via Twitter. He is stuck in a traffic jam in Jakarta. Yes, after two years of silence because most people work from home, Jakarta returned to its old ways in early February 2022. Traffic jams everywhere!

From the WAG of the extended family, a relative was in an online taxi. He was in charge of delivering a document to a client of the company he works for…” He too was stuck in traffic. “If I remember I’m about to be fired, I turned around and went home. Better take care of your kids!!! Huhuhu…” So he said.

Grateful to be able to work from home

Arenga palm sugar ants

If so, how grateful I am to be working from home with my husband’s boss. Since I decided to produce organic palm sugar under the Arenga brand, I have helped him. Understandably small businesses, ranging from capital to resources. So all available resources must be used in the best possible way. Including my wife 🙂

But of course I’m not necessarily like “The Samin Who Plays the Monkey Mask,” a high-level narcissist. Telling fortunes on the extended family WAG that I don’t have to leave the house to work. Because a narrow corner of the room in our house can be used as an office and to manage the administration of the Arenga.

Build a business and become an entrepreneur to be able to work from home

Instead and as before, I always encourage relatives to start thinking about opening their own business. We can always do this by starting at home. Own business is the greatest opportunity to work from home. Because after the pandemic, currently WFH will certainly return to office.

“Eh, opening your own business is difficult, little sister? Apart from the need for capital and skills?

Everything is correct! Being an entrepreneur is not easy. But what is difficult in this world if we want to study, work and pray? The key is study and execution. If you are observant, how come there are many opportunities that can be worked on as a home business.

If you happen to google and find this article of mine, one possibility is that you are quitting your current job and planning to open your own business. Please read the 7 benefits I feel. It’s not impossible that one day it will make you cry.

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1. Free to set the time

Normally people work from 8am to 5pm. However, if you are a resident of Jakarta or other major cities, this kind of normality doesn’t always happen. Because you have to leave early in the morning so as not to be late for work. The return home was delayed due to traffic jams. Not to mention meetings and encounters here and there.

For me that I’m always too drunk in the car, especially when I’m not moving, this may be the main reason. Better to watch Drakor than waste time on the road.

After morning prayer I can go back to sleep and wake up at 7. Take the kids to school and then play sports. After adaptation, set the effective working time, whether 8 hours or 14 hours for 6 whole days, 5 days or 4 days.

Remember that you are now the boss and the goal is productivity. Not the exact time to start and finish work based on the clock on the wall. Indeed, between working hours, if you feel sleepy and need rest, you can budget 30 minutes for a nap.

2. Fire the grumpy boss

I don’t like grumpy bosses. You too right? Instead of constantly eating and feeling depressed, which could lead to stress, mental illness, hair loss and heart disease, it’s better to spend energy on moving your business forward. The small sizes can be enjoyed directly.

Life is too good to let others continue to be dissatisfied with our work and become our critics. Working from home and on their own, no one has the opportunity to reproach us.

3. He no longer fears layoffs

Feeling scared uses up energy. Face it, one of the reasons people try to be good employees is fear of getting fired. There have been many heartbreaking stories following layoffs, so why do you have to keep surviving there?

You also cannot refuse to work for other people if you are transferred, released from duties, and accept that your experience is no longer needed in your original position. What’s even more painful now is that they have a fresher, younger energy, whose experience may not be on the same level as yours.

The problem will be different if you have your own business. Work from home or manage your office. Because in a boss’s dictionary there is no word Termination of Employment (PHK). What exists is independent trying to determine its own destiny

4. Who needs promotion?

After years in the same position, with no promotion and only a small pay raise, it can embitter employees. Also, if the position we aim for is filled by a newcomer, the pain can be unbearable.

Instead of being apathetic and assuming fate is just the way it is, why not promote yourself by building your own business while working from home? Instead of waiting 5 years or more, if we run our business and continue to improve, by that time your home business will likely need an office in a tall building, next door to the office that caused the deep wound.

What I like best about working from home like now is that the results can be appreciated by the family immediately. Don’t forget that we also help the government create jobs. Or advance the economic level of the nation

5. Maximize skills Benefit your company

Not infrequently during school we study in an optimal way in the hope that the acquired skills will be used in the job. There is bad news that this is not everyone’s luck. I know of several famous graduates with GPAs above 3.5 who only do jobs that can be completed by high school graduates. The salary also adjusts automatically. They are forced to do so because they have no alternative but to become unemployed.

Now, if the company doesn’t want to give you big responsibilities, whether it’s because they think you’re unsuitable or there’s other things. By opening a home business the skills can be used in the best possible way. Resharpen any that feel dull so the business can run smoothly.

By working from home opening your own business we have more choices. Determine for yourself how much responsibility you deserve. My experience in running my own business has made me thirsty for knowledge. Want to know more things. Both those that have an effect on increasing business development or promoting the Arenga brand.

As the company grows, the responsibility becomes even greater.

6. Working from home can set the time for travel

Flexible in times

This is what I like best about working from home like now. Incidentally my hobby is travelling. If you look closely, most of the posts in this blog are about travel. The blog title also follows.

Flexible time allows me to travel during the off season. When everyone is busy at work, busy with office duties, I can go anywhere as far as my intentions and budget take me. Now, another benefit of working from home and having your own business is that during the off season the prices tend to be more affordable.

There are actually still many benefits of having your own business and working from home, the benefits of which can make you cry to tears. So that it doesn’t take too long, I’ll finish here first.

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