Yields considered profitable, SBSN ST010 for financing environmentally friendly projects

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Eko Sutriyanto

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The government has officially issued retail State Sharia Securities (SBSN), namely the ST010 Savings Sukuk series.

With an offer period from May 12 to June 7, 2023, ST010 is available in two product types, which include the two-year ST010-T2 and the four-year ST010-T4.

Angie Anandita Tjhatra, head of digital marketing at Seeds, said that ST010-T2 and ST010-T4 are Green Retail Sukuk, meaning that every rupee invested by the public will go towards funding green projects.

“Therefore, this product is also very suitable for Indonesians who care about the sustainability of the earth while still developing their funds according to Sharia principles and achieving lucrative returns,” Angie said in a statement on Friday (5/12 /2023) .

ST010-T2 is offered with a coupon (yield) of 6.25% pa, floating with floor (floating with minimum rate) and maturity in two years, while ST010-T4 is offered with a coupon of 6.4% pa, floating with floor and four-year maturity.

With a variable minimum yield, this means that the amount of the ST010 yield will be adjusted to the Bank Indonesia (BI) interest rate, which means that when the BI benchmark rate rises, the ST010 yield will also rise.

On the other hand, when the BI benchmark interest rate falls, the minimum yield limit is 6.25% per annum for ST010-T2 and 6.4% per annum for ST010-T4, it will not be lower.

The minimum purchase/order for ST010-T2 is IDR 1 million and multiples of IDR 1 million with a maximum of IDR 5 billion, while the minimum purchase/order for ST010-T4 is IDR 1 million and multiples of IDR 1 million with a maximum of IDR 10 billion

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The returns paid each month are also an added attraction, so much so that these two products are seen by investors as a lucrative source of passive income.

For information, ST010 can be paid up to 50% before maturity during the early repayment period. Investments in ST010-T2 can be paid up to 50% after one year, while ST010-T4 can be paid up to 50% after two years.

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“Unlike the average interest on state bank deposits which is 2-3% annually, ST010-T2 and ST010-T4 are alternative investments whose yields are higher than deposits and can exceed the inflation rate which as of April 2023 is at number 4. 0.33 percent. The ST010 tax on returns is only 10 percent, while deposits are taxed at 20 percent,” he said.

To be able to invest in SBN in Seeds, users can simply click on the “Government Bonds (SBN)” icon or banner on the Seeds application or website.

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Seeds partners with Stockbit Sekuritas to manage the registration and filing of investors’ SBN Investor Fund accounts.

After investors make payments for SBN transactions, they will receive proof of the transaction in the form of a Proof of State Revenue (BPN). Within the BPN is a State Receipt Number (NTPN) which is issued directly by the state and serves as proof of ownership of the purchased SBN.

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