ArenaPlus: Andrew Wiggins’ Improved Performance with the Warriors

Andrew Wiggins has made a tremendous impact with the Golden State Warriors, showing noticeable improvement in his performance on both ends of the court. Since joining the team, Wiggins has consistently elevated his game, contributing significantly to the Warriors' success. His transformation is evident through various statistics and key performance metrics.

Scoring Efficiency

Wiggins has become much more efficient in his scoring, showing remarkable improvement in his shooting percentages. He has increased his three-point shooting accuracy substantially. In previous seasons, Wiggins hovered around 33% from beyond the arc. Since joining the Warriors, he has improved, reaching impressive figures between 37% and 39%.

  • Field goal percentage also showcases his enhanced scoring ability. Previously averaging around 44%, he now hits around 47%.
  • Free-throw accuracy has risen as well, with Wiggins boosting his percentage from a career average of 73% to numbers as high as 78%.

Defensive Contributions

Wiggins has become an integral part of the Warriors' defensive setup. He has consistently taken on challenging assignments, guarding some of the league's top perimeter players and maintaining a strong defensive presence.

  • Wiggins has averaged around 1.0 steals per game, which indicates his active hands and anticipation.
  • His blocks per game have also improved, showcasing his ability to protect the rim, rising from 0.6 blocks per game to approximately 1.0.


Another area where Wiggins has shown growth is in his rebounding. The Warriors needed a versatile player who could crash the boards effectively, and Wiggins has stepped up to fill this role. Averaging about 4.6 rebounds per game in his career prior to the Warriors, he now pulls down around 5.0 to 6.0 rebounds per game.

  • This increase helps the team secure more possessions.
  • Allows the Warriors to maintain a high pace, essential for their style of play.

Advanced Metrics

Wiggins' improvement is also reflected in various advanced statistical categories. His PER (Player Efficiency Rating) demonstrates a leap, moving from around 15.0 to figures closer to 17.0. This metric provides a more comprehensive view of his overall impact on the game.

  • His Win Shares per 48 minutes, a measure of the player's contribution to team wins, has increased from 0.070 to nearly 0.100.
  • His Box Plus-Minus (BPM) has improved, especially on the defensive side, where he now has a positive BPM compared to the earlier stages of his career.

Wiggins' tenure with the Warriors showcases his ability to adapt and thrive in a new environment. His performance improvements in scoring efficiency, defensive contributions, rebounding, and advanced metrics underline his importance to the team. For more detailed analysis and updates, visit arenaplus.

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